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Friday, February 25, 2011

And the Sunny SleeveZ SWAG goes home with…

    Whilst for many the ’who went home with a shiny gold guy’ was the most anticipated list of this past weekend. For us however we’ve been on the edge of our seat waiting to reveal the Oscar”SWAG list”. Now everyone has checked out we can finally reveal that Oscar is snuggled up next to a pair of 50+UPF Sunny Sleevez in the suitcases of Oscar winners Natalie Portman, & Colin Firth as well presenter and style goddess Anne Hathaway.
See below for the full list as well as the chance to enter our giveaway  
 The amazing gift bags are designed by “Hollywood Baskets,” the exclusive gifting service used by stars and studios.
sunny sleevez-&-package
sunny sleevez-&-package
SWAG is as much a part of the Oscars as the folliclely-challenged gold guy and stands for ‘Something We All Get’. In previous years the value of swag bags had skyrocketed to exorbitant levels which finally raised an eyebrow with the IRS, then, was swiftly followed by a tax form!
Baskets maybe slightly more modest but still with total values reaching several thousand dollars. The  recipients found perfume, jewelry & clothing including a pair of Sunny SleeveZ & an item from newly launched Sunny BeadZ UV jewelry collection!
Oscar SWAG bag
Oscar SWAG bag
Sunny Sleevez are light as a feather, 50+UPF sun sleeves that provide instant, chemical-free sun protection, blocking 98% of UV rays. No mess, no missed spots, no fuss. Slip them on in the sun, Slide them off when you’re done!
Many people don’t realise that sunscreen takes at least 20 minutes to even START working, must be reapplied EVERY 2 hours, may contain toxins & of the top 500 tested last year only 8% even deliver the protection they claimed!

Skin cancer is now the most common form of cancer in the USA, with 1 in 5 Americans diagnosed in the course of their lives. Often some of the worst damage occurs on cloudy summer days when the UV rays are just as strong but the temperature is cool. To combat the uncertainty this poses for many people, the makers of Sunny SleeveZ created Sunny BeadZ a line of jewelry that features UV color changing beads.
The UV beads on the Necklaces, bracelets and key rings are white indoors and instantly change to color in UV light, the stronger the rays the brighter the color. Added bonus, all beads (color changing & permanent color) as well as charms are Made in the USA.Enter our giveaway for a chance to win  1 of 3 sets of Sunny BeadZ necklace and bracelet.
Comment below with each entry
If are you are already a subscriber & fan  just go toSunnySleeveZ.com to find  your fave designs & post in the comments.
You can tweet and comment as often as you wish until the giveaway ends on March 15th.
  1. Natalie Portman
  2. Anne Hathaway
  3. Colin Firth
  4. Helena Bonham Carter
  5. Michelle Williams
  6. Mila Kunis
  7. Halle Berry
  8. Jennifer Hudson
  9. Hailee Stinefeld
  10. Meredith Vera
  11. Hope Davis
  12. Geoffrey Rush
  13. Jeff Bridges
  14. Danny Boyle
  15. Micky Rourke
  16. Ethan Cohen
  17. Joel Cohen
  18. Al Roker
  19. Robert Rodriguez
  20. Simon Baufoy
  21. Scott Franklin
  22. Darla Anderson
  23. Scott Silver
  24. Janelle Monae
  25. Michael Arndt

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to Grammy swag winner

Thanks so much to everyone who followed, tweeted, liked and commented it was such fun hearing from you . 
Sunny Sleevez white
Sunny Sleevez white
Well the moment has arrived and I’m thrilled to announce that Jenna Zeidler@corgipants is the winner of a pair of white skater style Sunny SleeveZ!
Congratulations Jenna, let us know how you like them on your runs
Not to worry because we have some other news to announce and another chance to win because…..
Well check the blog tomorrow, Wednesday 22 to find out where Sunny SleeveZ will be showing up next and on whom, and maybe, just maybe we will do another giveaway!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sneaking veggies into desert…kid certified, it’s delish!

I came up with this delicious, nutritious & best of all easy snack when my formally ”voracious-veggie-eating” toddler decided that all fruit and veg, in any form were “‘scustulous” and “hateable” and not to be tolerated!  
Perfect Pumpkin Pudding
  • 1 cup (organic) unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1 cup (organic) unsweetened pumpkin
  • Hand full raisins
  • Agarve syrup to taste
  • Sprinkle cinnamon
 The first time I made this recipe I went heavy on the applesauce, as it was one of the few ”acceptable” foods, & slowly increased the pumpkin each time I made it.
The first time I also used a huge amount of syrup, & even put a little on the spoon so the first taste was irresistibly sweet,
Once it had been certified as “yummy” & no longer regarded with suspicion but instead had moved to the delicious treat list, I slowly reduced the amount of syrup with each making until now I don’t bother at all
 We also use natural yogurt in place of apple sauce for a change
 Nutrition Information
 Canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling but pure canned pumpkin) is extremely nutritious and is a fabulous option for adding to recipes when you do not have fresh pumpkin.
Basic Nutrient Facts
Pumpkin is from the squash family, often people only think about pumpkins in fall. If so, you are missing out on a nutrition powerhouse. A 1/2 cup of pure canned pumpkin provides roughly 41 calories, less than 1 g of fat and 0 g cholesterol. Canned pumpkin provides 10 g of carbohydrate (4 g sugar) and is rich in dietary fiber, offering about 3.5 g per 1/2 cup serving. Unlike many canned foods, it is virtually sodium-free.
Canned pumpkin is an excellent food source of both Vitamins A and K.
  • A 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin provides roughly 19,000 International Units (IU) of Vitamin A
  • 20 mcg of Vitamin K or nearly 25 percent of the DV.
  • Vitamin A is an antioxidant nutrient that is essential for healthy eyesight while Vitamin K is important for proper blood clotting.
Canned pumpkin is rich in two essential trace minerals. A 1/2 cup serving provides about 
  • 10 percent of the DV (considered a good food source) of both iron and manganese.
  • Iron is a key component of hemoglobin, a part of red blood cells that carries oxygen to all of the body’s cells. The cells need oxygen to break down glucose and produce energy. Manganese functions as a cofactor (or helper) for many enzymes that are involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It also is a part of enzymes that help form bones.
Meets Veggie Requirement
 My Pyramid Food Guide recommends that Americans consume a wide variety of vegetables.
Vegetables are divided into five subgroups, including starchy, orange, dry beans and peas, dark green and other.
Canned pumpkin helps fulfill the recommendation to consume approximately 2 cups of orange vegetables weekly.
 Cinnamon is a blood sugar stabilizer. Active ingredients present in cinnamon help regulate blood sugar levels. Other notable cinnamon benefits include improving memory, reducing arthritis pain (when taken with honey) and treating medication-resistant yeast infections. Having antimicrobial properties, consuming foods cooked with cinnamon is effective to fight bacterial infections and yeast infections
 Agave syrup is commonly used as a sweetener to replace the common sugar and other chemical sweeteners. A 1 tbsp. serving of organic raw blue agave sweetener roughly contains 60 calories and 16 g of carbohydrates and is labeled with a glycemic index of 39 or less. Agave syrup contains the same number of calories per serving as table sugar, but, it is several times sweeter thus less is needed.
By Dashiel St. Damien, mum of 2 former picky eaters & founder of Sunny Sleevez

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunny SleeveZ goes to the Grammys!

 Who is more conscious of their looks than celebrities? Even rock stars want to stay lookingyoung and gorgeous for as long as possible. That’s why Sunny Sleevez, 50+ UPF, Sun protection sleeves have been chosen for the Luxury SWAG Bags presented to many of the music industry’s biggest celebrities.
Nothing is more aging than sun damage. While a case can be made for growing old (dis)gracefully, wrinkles,  age spots & skin cancer just aren’t sexy
This weekend  Grammy presenters and nominees, were greeted by a swanky gift bag in  their hotel rooms packed with fabulous goodies from Hollywood Baskets, the premier LA gifting service used by the movie studios and stars themselves.
Want instant, chemical-free sun protection like a ROCK STAR? check outSunnySleevez.com
sunny sleevez, sun sleeve with butterfly tattoo design
sunny sleevez, sun sleeve with butterfly tattoo design
We will be giving away 1 pair of white 50 UPF Sun  sleeves chosen at random on February 18th, enter to win
  • go to sunnysleevez.com:
  • 1 entry – sign up for our newletter
  • 1 entry - “like” us on facebook 
  • 1 entry – ‘follow’ on twitter  
  • 1 entry –  tweet “last day on our #grammy swag #giveawayhttp://bit.ly/heIn5i get yours!”
Note your entries in the comments below.
Recipients included: Winners Rihanna & Arcade Fire, as well as nominee Florence (of the Machine). Also gifted were presenters Paris Hilton, Snookie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Glee Faves: Lea Michelle, Dianna Agron, Jenna Ushkowitz.
 Watch out to see if you spot Keri Hilson, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 & “Extra” host Mario Lopez  covering their arms with Sunny SleeveZ this summer!