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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Applying Sunscreen – Put it where you want it – quick tip

Even the best sunscreens won’t give you the protection you want if you don’t:
a) Apply enough 
B) Put it where you need it
Quick Tip
When applying sunscreen, squeaze the amount you need on the TOP of your hand rather than your palm.
Then scroop small amounts and apply to each area of your face and body like a dot to dot using the top of your had like a paint pallet.
Lastly, using the finger tips of the other hand, blend the dots together.
Using this technique you will get more even coverage, less sunscreen on your palms, & the top of one hand will already be done!
*Note – Discard sunscreen that seems to have separated or is past it’s expiry date. Heat and age causes sunscreen to degenerate, which means it does not work as effectively & you may not get the sun protection you expect.

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