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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Much is Enough? Most people use 75% LESS than they should!

15 SPF, 30 SPF, 50 SPF…1000 SPF?
It’s doesn’t matter how high the number is if you aren’t using the amount used in lab testing you will not get the protection you expect from your sunscreen.sunnysleevez
So exactly how much sunscreen should you be using?
For the face 1 teaspoon
For the body, its 1 teaspoon each for each arm and each of the following, neck,  upper back, lower back, upper front torso, lower front torso, right upper leg and thigh, left upper leg and thigh, left lower leg and foot, right lower leg and foot

This should total up to at least one ounce(a shot glass full) per adult body per application. If you have a bottle of sunscreen that lasts all summer, you are not using enough.
When SPF is tested in the lab, it is used liberally on the skin, so if you apply just a thin layer of sunscreen, you are not getting the protection advertised on the label.
That’s a lot of sunscreen isn’t it? You can see why studies have shown that most people apply only 25% to 75% of the recommended amount. sunnysleevez.com

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