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Friday, March 23, 2012

Lake Arrowhead – Winter Sun

One of the grumbles about So Cal is the lack of seasons.
Not true-Sometimes you do have to drive a little visit them though.
Last weekend we packed (what felt like) our entire wardrobes into our 2 wheel drive car, squashed in the kids and  set off for Lake Arrowhead.
A mere 2 hours later & more than a little shaken having braved the mountain drive that took us up 5,180 feet, we arrived  to a world transformed by snow, within minutes we were off down the street on our various plastic sliders.
We instantly forgot torrential rain,  sleet, fog and complete lack of visibility  on the road known as “The Rim of the World” & packed  away all thoughts of the treacherous drive down the following day.
For 24 hours we built snow forts, made snow angels, ate snow and of course lots more sledding followed by hot chocolate next to the log fire.
Finally it was time to  snap chains on the tires and head back off down the mountain to be greeted by 70 degrees and sun!
I love to visit seasons, but having to commute through them, no thanks. I’m quite happy sitting in 65 degrees today, working in my outdoor office listening to the bees.
NB.I had packed wellies (rain boots), sweat pants, jackets, scarves, gloves and lots and lots of socks, but the one item I am always banging on about, I forgot my sunscreen, it was below freezing and I came back with a sunburned nose-will I ever learn!

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