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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sun Protection and Eczema Relief now available in Canada

We are so excited to announce that Sunny Sleevez are now available in Canada at online retailer The Eczema Company

Jennifer – Proud mother to 2 lovely children (1 with eczema & food allergies, 1 thankfully without) and lucky wife to a great father and husband.
Founded in 2011 by mother Jennifer Roberge after her little boy was diagnosed with eczema.
“My son’s chronic, severe eczema was very difficult emotionally for our entire family. I wanted to reach out to other families going through the same thing.
We found some really wonderful clothing to help prevent scratching and great, natural and non-toxic skincare to nourish dry eczema skin and wanted to share it with parents helping their children cope with eczema”.
Now Jennifer has added a range of ‘Classic” style Sunny Sleevez to provide instant, chemical-free sun protection for arms and top of hands.
Sun protection is extremely important for infants and children with damaged skin but even natural sunscreens can cause irritation and should not be applied to broken skin.
Now parents, grandparents and caregivers can “Slip on  Sunny Sleevez in the sun, and slide them off when they’re done!”
No mess, No missed spots. No fuss!
Sunny Sleevez will not only protect skin from the sun but also from scratching.
For extra cooling on hot days, wet your  Sunny Sleevez,  you still get the same 50+UPF protection (unlike cotton which actually gives even less protection when wet) and they feel super cool.
Light as a feather, cool as a breeze!
One stop shopping for all your itchy relief needs.
Jennifer also shares non-allergic recipes as well as recent medical info on her blog and facebook page. Having a child with a medical condition can be really isolating so it’s great to be able to come to facebook and connect with other parents of ‘itchy kids’
Face book – http://www.facebook.com/theeczemacompany
Twitter – https://twitter.com/EczemaCompany
Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/itchylilworld/
Blog – http://itchylittleworld.wordpress.com/

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