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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Take the scream out of applying sunscreen

One of the biggest challenges parents face each summer is getting sunscreen on kids.
One of our biggest mistakes is trying to do too much too fast.
The biggest tip for tear free sun screen application is schedule it. It means as a parent you have to allow time for it in your morning routine, just like brushing teeth and putting on shoes, this way it’s not a surprise and reduces resistance.
1) Allow 5 minutes per child, 1 minute per limb and 1 minute for face. I know it’s hard to find that extra time but it’s easier than spending 10 minutes with the eye wash when the sunscreen went in an eye!
2) Try to think of this as quality time, I know it sounds odd but really it does help to change your mindset. After rushing around getting dressed, breakfasted, bags gathered I have come to quite enjoy these few calm minutes. It’s also a useful time to inventory cuts and bruises and it reminds me of when they were little babies and I used to massage lotion in after bathtime.
3) Diversion/reward – Our children don’t get screen time in the morning but if they sit still while I rub sunscreen on they are allowed 10 minutes of TV, this is a huge incentive and they are so absorbed I could be smothering them in ants and they wouldn’t mind!
Remember sun protection only works if you put it on!

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