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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Biggest Mistake Made Choosing Running Shoes

The biggest mistake a runner can make is choosing one shoe to serve all their needs – running, walking, every day wear, and so on. Running shoes have soles constructed from a more cushioned material to allow for maximum impact. When choosing the proper fit, everyone’s feet are different and brand makers design styles with that reality in mind. Wet your food and step on to a brown paper bag in order to get a good foot print. Trace around the wet marks so you can see exactly how your foot fits inside the running shoe. Take this tracing with you when making your purchase to help select the best fitting running shoe. Avoid super-fashionable styles endorsed by celebrities because, chances are, you’re paying for the branding and not necessarily a better running shoe.
The most popular brand for professional and Olympic runners this year is Adidas’ Adizero Primeknit running shoe.
Jenn G (Guest Blogger)

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