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Thursday, January 17, 2013

What To Look For When Shopping For Ski Goggles

We love skiing & are learning to snowboard this winter, but we’ve found that nothing ruins a day on the slopes like not having the right gear.
One of the most important pieces of gear  is choosing the correct ski goggles. This is absolutely vital as UV radiating from snow as well as cold air and debris when going down a mountain can seriously damage your eyes.
How to Choose
You will want to talk to a salesperson that is knowledgeable in what to look for. They will know the conditions of the mountain you will be on and what lenses are the best options.
1) Try them on – I know this sounds obvious but talking to a salesperson recently she said most returns & exchanges happen because the customer didn’t actually try them on before purchase!
2) If you wear a helmet (you should) bring your helmet along and try them on together, remember you may be wearing this combination for 4-8 hours; you really want long term comfort.
3) If the store will let you, ask to go outside with you so you can see how they work in the sun’s glare.
4) Make sure you are clear with the salesperson what your intentions are with the goggles, because skiing at night requires different goggles than skiing when the sun hits the snow.
Things to Look For
If you plan to ski a lot, you will want goggles that have removable lenses. This will allow you to purchase one set of ski goggles and then adjust the lenses to the conditions. When you are trying the goggles on, check your peripheral vision to make sure you can see everything. Finally, (again) make sure they fit well and feel comfortable; if they do bother you are much less likely to want to keep them on making them and expensive experiment.
What is Hot This Year?
There are several goggles that top the list for best goggles in 2013, but the Salomon Xtend keeps the style and usability in mind. They have a control system that eliminates fog by pushing moisture out of the goggle and through the helmet’s vents. Great choice if you plan to ski often.

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