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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fight The Fungus! Tee Tree Oil – A Natural Treatment for Athlete’s Foot

Tea_Tree flower natural remedies athletes foot
This time of year when we tend to wear shoes all day and even sleep in socks, athletes foot is a frequent visitor to our house. I try to avoid chemical treatments, especially for the children, so I was really excited to find a more natural solution. Bonus – it smells nice too!
Tee tree oil has many healing properties; it’s used as a natural antibacterial agent against fungus and bacteria and can help ease the itch and burn from Athlete’s foot.  If your experiencing cracking or breaking skin with serious itch and burning between your toes and on the soles of your feet most likely you have picked up Athlete’s feet.  You may have been at the gym or even swimming at the public pool and contracted it from another person.  The worst thing you can do it close off your feet with a pair of socks and shoes, your feet need to breath.  Unfortunately it doesn’t just go away, it must be treated with an antibacterial or antifungal product.
Before spending money on topical treatments or expensive creams consider treating your feet with Tea Tree Oil first.  Simply dab the areas that are affected with a small cotton ball saturated with Tea Tree Oil, because it’s an antibacterial agent this should clear up your Athlete’s foot within a week.  A few other suggestions would be to wash your feet with antibacterial soap and keep them dry, wear sandals if you have to for the entire week you’re treating your feet.  Because Athlete’s feet is so easy to catch make sure you never share shoes with anyone, use a separate towel to dry your feet each time and clean the bottom of your shower after each wash.  Regardless of how you treat Athlete’s Foot from it can still come back if not tended to properly and if steps aren’t taken to prevent it from happening again.  Make sure the next time you’re at the gym you wear your shower shoes you never know what creepy fungus is awaiting your toes!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Outdoor Living – Give Your Old Patio Furniture A New Look

We bought our pation furniture quite a few years ago, living in So Cal we get very little “winter” so we leave it outside year around and it takes quite a battering from the elements.
It was not the prettiest even new but at least then it was a nice clean grey. After the deck was restained last summer, I hated putting the grimy old furniture back on, ugly and grim but perfectly serviceable. so couldn’t stand to chuck it away either.
Enter the Krylon! Living in NE LA I usually see spray paint as the tool of the tagger, something  that damages property. So the decision to spray the furniture is a new step for me. I tried to vigorously clean with a stiff scrubber and soapy water but frankly it made little difference.
Tips to revamp your furniture
1.     Wash off dirt.
2.     Spray lightly, follow directions shake well and often.
3.     It took about 4 coats to get every nook and cranny.
4.   Use a mask the vapor is horrid, wear old clothing.
5.   Do not spray when windy, it will blow back on you.
What I love about spray paint is there are no tins to pry open or seal up, no brushes to wash and keep wet. So over the course of the day, whenever I need to take a break from work,  I pop out spend 5 minutes lightly spraying until I have managed an even, drop free coating.
4 chairs = 3 cans + 1 for the tablePATIO CHAIR reSPRAY PAINT
Total cost $13.80.
The table is metal with a glass top. I decided to spray the underside of the glass to the top is still wipe-able.
Have you tried repainting old furniture? Were you happy with the result?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outdoor Living – Eco-Friendly Paving

recycled rubber paver stepping stone
The weather is warming up in So Cal (sorry north east) & we are enjoying more outdoor living once more, but due to rain and tree growth we have a number of bare areas where the grass has turned to mud.
More mud means more dirt tramped into the house and more yelling to remove shoes, yes even if you have stood on the door mat (briefly) and made a feeble gesture of ‘wiping’ your feet!
I had planned to have a stepping stone path laid across the strip of lawn running along one side of the house.
Whilst at home depot last night I came across the Envirotile Rubber Cobblestone Paver
  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Terra cotta colored
  • Requires no installation base
I was planning to buy 12×12 cement pavers for $1.50 each so the $6.99 (& up) per paver was quite a jump in cost.
However I considered the cost of my time having to lug heavy concrete slabs as well as needing to dig the stone ones flush with the grass and these are 18 in. x 18 in. so it might just break even-ish.
  • They don’t weigh a ton, so are easy for me to lift several at a time.
  • They don’t have hand scraping, toe stubbing sharp edges so I wasn’t overly concerned about digging out the ground and sinking them flush with the grass, that will happen over time anyway.
  • Fast installation- It took all of 10 minutes to drop them over the lawn, (feeling like a DIY “Hansel and Gretel”, & rearrange a few times to get the spacing
  • Didn’t tear up the lawn underneath so I could rearrange easily
  • Recycled materials
If you want to lay a whole patio you can buy packs of clips to attach them securely to each other
If we’re still happy with these in a few months I think they may well prove to be the answer to the hard ground under the children’s tree swing, I had looked at rubber mulch but it’s so costly and I don’t want it to ‘travel’ or attract digging cats!
Have you use recycled rubber pavers? Do they last? How do these compare cost wise? I’d love to hear about your experience with these or other brands

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hottest Trends In Snow Boards For 2013

snowboard burton endevourTo all snowboards enthusiasts here is a special treat to  all of you.
To fully enjoy your snow boarding experienced here are 3 of the hottest snowboards for 2013.
A.Burton Harvest Rocks
If you are a true bloodied snowboarding fanatic, you won’t want to miss trying out a Burton Harvest snow board this 2013.
As they say, the best things come in small packages this board is a must  try since it has a super maneuverable board which makes you float at high speed on snow.
Created by some of the most talented snowboard makers in the world, this board offers a  trimmer more responsive waist, added camber and a slightly softer flex for buttery bliss.
Another plus thing about this board is the fact that you can downsize your board by up to 10 centimeters.
Using the squeezebox technology, this board has a powerful core sections with thinner more flexible sections.
So if you want to rock your snowboarding this is not to be missed.
B. Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard Is A Must Try
A reliable snowboard for the past 10 years the Endeavor B.O.D. (Board of Directors) remains a must try to all snowboarding fans.
This year, Endeavor B.O.D is very attractive to snowboarders since it has a  zero camber twin, which allows it to gets loose like a reverse camber board.
With the latest technology incorporated on the board, Endeavor B.O.D has the stability of a regular camber board but with more comfort and convenience.
The makers of this board has comfort on their mind by making sure it has a super lightweight Phantom Woodcore which keeps it floaty in powder.
This board also has a  rubber sidewall inlays to protect it against hard knocks on handrails.
This board also offers five different board sizes (49, 52, 55, 58, 61) to choose from for users.
The makers also made sure that buyers can ride this board two centimeters smaller than their go-to size without sacrificing control.
So if you want to fully enjoy your snowboarding experience this year, Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard is a good bet  for all powder addicts.
C. Fulfil Your Dream With K2 Ultra Dream Snowboard
If you love to dream the K2 Ultra Dream Snowboard is the right board for you this 2013.
K2 Ultra Dream Snowboard offers unforgettable experience to all snowboarders who will use it this year.
With its unique specs this board can bring you to places you never imagined possible.
The makers of this board has made sure their product can offer all-mountain dominance to users.
This board has an  ultra-strong Bambooyah blend core and BC Shaping to offer more float in the pow and less chatter in the chop.
Having a K2’s directional All-Terrain Rocker this board also offers more lift through the nose setting.
This board also offers more tail to users to ensure less fewer nosedives in the snow.
To all those snowboarders who want to fully enjoy their snowboarding experience better definitely give it a try.
Have you taken one of these for a spin? What did you think? Have we missed a “must have” board?
Guest blogger Romeo B

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Telluride city by night
When it comes to ski resorts, you just can’t beat the powder in Colorado.
Luckily, though, there are several options that stand out above the rest and provide for your family the greatest of all worlds when it comes to skiing, dining, entertainment, and more.
Vail, Colorado
Vail claims to be America’s favorite resort, and for good reason. It’s the largest ski area in the United States, and provides an unbelievable array of different mountains and challenges for skiers of all backgrounds and of all levels of experience. Plus, with museums, art galleries, ballooning, dog sledding, and more, Vail has turned into quite the family fun center that provides classic and classy entertainment for the whole family.
Aspen, Colorado
Further up the mountain and deeper into the Rockies than Vail, Aspen provides a much more relaxed atmosphere and a much classier feel than Vail for families looking to ski. Frequented by celebrity families and locals alike, Aspen moves at a slower pace and really provides small town flare with amazing slopes, great restaurants, and much more laid back entertainment venues that make for the perfect relaxed vacation.
Telluride, Colorado
Telluride is known for its world-class skiing and snowboarding, but that’s not all there is to do here. Whether you’re a non-skier or you are taking a day off from the slopes there is plenty to keep you occupied in the San Juans.
From snowshoeing to soaking at the spa to soaring through the sky in a glider, there’s something for everyone.
Telluride is a favorite of ours, we were charmed by the friendly small town hospitality & the stunning view of the town by night  has a magical beauty that must surely have inspired many a Christmas card design.
What about you, though? Are there are any that you and your family have enjoyed that you think we should add to the list? We’d love to hear your opinions about what ski resorts best meet your needs!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ski LA – Snow To Surf You Really Can Do It In One Day!

For great skiing many Californians go up the coast to Lake Tahoe but one of my favorite snow destinations is located actually in Los Angeles & just a 90 minute drive away.
Mount High boasts 3 resorts as well as the North Pole tubing park (weekends only)
Located just outside the town of Wrightwood where you can find reasonably priced accommodation, as well as good food and an ‘après ski’ beverage!
Not only is Mount High close it’s also pretty cheap with ski passes, lessons & rentals at really reasonable rates especially for beginners
My favorite package for the adult learner is the 3-Peat,  a three-visit beginner program for ages 13+ that can be completed any three days of the season, non-holiday. And each day includes:
-1 Hour & 45 Minute Lesson (improve 1 ability level each day)
-Rental Equipment (skis or snowboard)
-Lower Mountain Lift Ticket ($12 upgrade to all mountain ticket available after 2nd and 3rd lesson)
*The 3-Peat is not available at the resort.
I did this package a couple of years ago,  going up  on non-holiday weekdays & found myself in class with only 1 or 2 others!
We love the kids school too where for $95 they get a full day of lessons, rentals, lower ski pass as well as  lunch & snack!
Tobogganing is not allowed anywhere on Mt High property but finding a good slope isn’t hard.
moutn high tobogan
From where we live on Mount Washington we have a great view of the San Gabriel Mountains so can see when there is a good snow cap, or check the website for snow fall. When it rains here (LA) is usually snows there. Mount High does have good snow machines but to get the true winter feel we like it best when the whole village is under a white cover.
Getting there is an easy 90 min drive and 45-60 minutes of which is on highway so the weather conditions on the mountain don’t affect much of the drive, and even once you make the Wrightwood turn off the assent is gentle and straightforward.
*bring chains just in case
If you don’t mind a 6am start you can drive against the traffic, get to mount high, sort your tickets and rentals and be on the slopes by 9am.
The slope closes at 4pm and then reopens for night skiing at 5pm we like to stay for dinner then drive home after traffic around 7pm
For an overnight there are lots of reasonably priced hotels and cabins are available at
http://www.mthigh.com/mountain/lodging also check around VRBO and Airbnb
Dress in layers, it may be 32 degrees early in the morning and late afternoon but frequently by noon we have peeled down to a tee shirt.
Don’t forget the sunscreen, not only face and arms but don’t neglect the less obvious spots like back of necks and ears. My ear has only just recovered from our last trip earlier this month!
I’m always amazed how just 1 day in the mountains sends me home both energized and relaxed feeling like I’ve been on vacation!
Where’s your favorite snow destination?
mount high ski resort sunset