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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outdoor Living – Eco-Friendly Paving

recycled rubber paver stepping stone
The weather is warming up in So Cal (sorry north east) & we are enjoying more outdoor living once more, but due to rain and tree growth we have a number of bare areas where the grass has turned to mud.
More mud means more dirt tramped into the house and more yelling to remove shoes, yes even if you have stood on the door mat (briefly) and made a feeble gesture of ‘wiping’ your feet!
I had planned to have a stepping stone path laid across the strip of lawn running along one side of the house.
Whilst at home depot last night I came across the Envirotile Rubber Cobblestone Paver
  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Terra cotta colored
  • Requires no installation base
I was planning to buy 12×12 cement pavers for $1.50 each so the $6.99 (& up) per paver was quite a jump in cost.
However I considered the cost of my time having to lug heavy concrete slabs as well as needing to dig the stone ones flush with the grass and these are 18 in. x 18 in. so it might just break even-ish.
  • They don’t weigh a ton, so are easy for me to lift several at a time.
  • They don’t have hand scraping, toe stubbing sharp edges so I wasn’t overly concerned about digging out the ground and sinking them flush with the grass, that will happen over time anyway.
  • Fast installation- It took all of 10 minutes to drop them over the lawn, (feeling like a DIY “Hansel and Gretel”, & rearrange a few times to get the spacing
  • Didn’t tear up the lawn underneath so I could rearrange easily
  • Recycled materials
If you want to lay a whole patio you can buy packs of clips to attach them securely to each other
If we’re still happy with these in a few months I think they may well prove to be the answer to the hard ground under the children’s tree swing, I had looked at rubber mulch but it’s so costly and I don’t want it to ‘travel’ or attract digging cats!
Have you use recycled rubber pavers? Do they last? How do these compare cost wise? I’d love to hear about your experience with these or other brands

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