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Friday, February 22, 2013

Outdoor Living – Give Your Old Patio Furniture A New Look

We bought our pation furniture quite a few years ago, living in So Cal we get very little “winter” so we leave it outside year around and it takes quite a battering from the elements.
It was not the prettiest even new but at least then it was a nice clean grey. After the deck was restained last summer, I hated putting the grimy old furniture back on, ugly and grim but perfectly serviceable. so couldn’t stand to chuck it away either.
Enter the Krylon! Living in NE LA I usually see spray paint as the tool of the tagger, something  that damages property. So the decision to spray the furniture is a new step for me. I tried to vigorously clean with a stiff scrubber and soapy water but frankly it made little difference.
Tips to revamp your furniture
1.     Wash off dirt.
2.     Spray lightly, follow directions shake well and often.
3.     It took about 4 coats to get every nook and cranny.
4.   Use a mask the vapor is horrid, wear old clothing.
5.   Do not spray when windy, it will blow back on you.
What I love about spray paint is there are no tins to pry open or seal up, no brushes to wash and keep wet. So over the course of the day, whenever I need to take a break from work,  I pop out spend 5 minutes lightly spraying until I have managed an even, drop free coating.
4 chairs = 3 cans + 1 for the tablePATIO CHAIR reSPRAY PAINT
Total cost $13.80.
The table is metal with a glass top. I decided to spray the underside of the glass to the top is still wipe-able.
Have you tried repainting old furniture? Were you happy with the result?

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