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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Aspirin Shown To Help Protect Older Women Against Melanoma

When you think of taking aspirin on a daily basis you’re probably thinking about the patients who have been directed by their doctors to start a daily dose of aspirin in order to reduce the risk of heart attack.  In addition to the obvious benefits aspirin has on your heart it’s suggested and has been tested in the Women’s Health Initiative study which tracked data from 59,806 postmenopausal white women conducted by Stanford University that older women who take an aspirin daily for five years and longer had a 30% less chance of Melanoma.

Medical student Christina A. Gamba discovered that women who had been taking aspirin regularly less than a year had an approximately 11 percent reduced risk of melanoma compared with nonusers. Those taking it 1-4 years had 20 percent lower risk, and those taking it five years or longer had 30 percent lower risk.
Melanoma is a very serious skin cancer that can take the shape of a new mole or a mole that’s changed in color, size or shape.  It’s important to cover your skin or use sunscreen each time you plan on being outside.  Because Melanoma can be hard to notice some people don’t realize they have it until it has spread and metastasis.  Anti-inflammatory agents in aspirin have shown that older women have a lower risk of Melanoma as long as it’s taken daily.  In addition to heart health, anti-inflammatory benefits and reduced risk of Melanoma, aspirin is believed to be a safe yet effective way to work preventatively towards harmful health concerns.
Do you think Aspirin’s anti-inflammatory properties may have played a role in lowering melanoma rates in this study?
Should it be recommended as a treatment for sun burn?


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