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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fight The Fungus! Tee Tree Oil – A Natural Treatment for Athlete’s Foot

Tea_Tree flower natural remedies athletes foot
This time of year when we tend to wear shoes all day and even sleep in socks, athletes foot is a frequent visitor to our house. I try to avoid chemical treatments, especially for the children, so I was really excited to find a more natural solution. Bonus – it smells nice too!
Tee tree oil has many healing properties; it’s used as a natural antibacterial agent against fungus and bacteria and can help ease the itch and burn from Athlete’s foot.  If your experiencing cracking or breaking skin with serious itch and burning between your toes and on the soles of your feet most likely you have picked up Athlete’s feet.  You may have been at the gym or even swimming at the public pool and contracted it from another person.  The worst thing you can do it close off your feet with a pair of socks and shoes, your feet need to breath.  Unfortunately it doesn’t just go away, it must be treated with an antibacterial or antifungal product.
Before spending money on topical treatments or expensive creams consider treating your feet with Tea Tree Oil first.  Simply dab the areas that are affected with a small cotton ball saturated with Tea Tree Oil, because it’s an antibacterial agent this should clear up your Athlete’s foot within a week.  A few other suggestions would be to wash your feet with antibacterial soap and keep them dry, wear sandals if you have to for the entire week you’re treating your feet.  Because Athlete’s feet is so easy to catch make sure you never share shoes with anyone, use a separate towel to dry your feet each time and clean the bottom of your shower after each wash.  Regardless of how you treat Athlete’s Foot from it can still come back if not tended to properly and if steps aren’t taken to prevent it from happening again.  Make sure the next time you’re at the gym you wear your shower shoes you never know what creepy fungus is awaiting your toes!

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