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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Planning Your Landscaping – Which Are The Best Trees For Shade?

Yes there really is a house under there!
Yes there really is a house under there!
At the end of last year we took out our massive Ficus tree as it’s thirsty roots were a danger to our plumbing, and its weighty branches and even bigger danger to ours and our neighbors houses.
However this will also mean we lost a lot of shade on the hottest side of the house so what to plant instead?
Shade trees are one of the best ways to improve the overall look of your yard, boost your home’s value and bring natural shade to areas of the yard you spend the most time in.
Enjoying your yard can be difficult in summer months due sun exposure and high temperatures, so what can you do to ensure you and your family spends more time outside doing the things you enjoy while having protection from harmful UV rays?
Awnings are great however they only reach a short distance, with a few shade trees you can select areas of your yard that you want more shade in without restrictions.Red-Maple shade tree sun protection
Red Maple trees are terrific for shading the sun and the vibrant red and orange leafs provide an art piece for all your neighbors to appreciate.
Green Weeping Willows have ground sweeping vines and branches and make for a majestic garden area. weeping willow tree shade sun protectionThough low lying, this tree still gives an intimate yet shaded area.
The best tree for shade has got to be the River Birch; these fast growing trees supply ample shade due to the expansion of their limbs.  Shaped  like a pyramid trimming and maintenance is easy.
If you’re thinking about landscaping your yard this summer, consider planting a few shade trees.  You’ll enjoy the hot summers with some much needed relief while adding value to your home.  With so many different shapes, styles and colors you truly can create a masterpiece right in your own yard!

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