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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day For Kids- Create Your Own Garden

Showing your little one’s how to recycle is a great way to make a big impact in their future, and it’s not just recycling cans, paper or plastic anymore either.  Left over scrapes from dinner can become an interesting project that will allow them to see how never wasting food can help them actually create more food!  Creating rich soil with compost show’s your children that everything is reusable.  The best part is, when the compost is ready they will have a great time helping you spread the compost all over the garden.
Composting doesn’t have to be complicated or hard work. Although all the instructions on how to compost will advise  you to ‘turn’ the compost often I’m just too busy instead so my suggestion is the “Slack Gardener Method” which involves filling 2 bins alternately. When the first is full-ish I give it a good soaking with the hose then leave it to work it’s magic whilst we dump all our leftovers in the second. It only takes a couple of months for the stuff at the bottom to start breaking down so I harvest that as needed (I use the type of bin with the door at the bottom), by the time I have used up the first bin, bin 2 is just about cooked and ready to use.
*Bonus the kids love watching all the bugs, worms and roly-polies that quickly make our compost bin their home and do such a fantastic job breaking down everything from egg shells to vacuum dust and dryer lint!
**To save $ check to see if you local department of sanitation do compost workshops. I got both of our bins through LADWP, they do monthly composting workshops, give away FREE mulch and sell bins at a BIG discount.

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