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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From Ouch to Ahhhh – Great Ways to Treat Sunburn

stop sunburn I know that usually you are very good about sun protection but even the most sun savvy of use sometimes find ourselves looking like a lobster after a long day at the beach, it hurts and you need relief now! Well fear not I’m here with some great ways to ease the burn so you can finally put your arms down!  There are many ways you can get a sun burn, most commonly when the sun doesn’t remind us of it’s strength on cloudy days.
An overcast day at the beach can turn you into a red monster the kids will most likely run from if you’re not careful!  Painful blisters, peeling and restless nights attempting to sleep while levitating, ahh yes, we have all tried to sleep without our burned bodies touching the bed! Since we aren’t magicians, let’s focus on a real solution! Check out below for some great tips on how to treat sunburn!
How to Naturally Treat Your Sunburn
If you’re really suffering, try emerging yourself in an oat meal bath.  Yes I said oatmeal! Simply take one cup of oatmeal (plain) and grind it in your coffee grinder. Make sure that it’s the consistency of powder. Run a cool bath, hot is not necessary and from personal experiences, I don’t recommend it!  Pour the powdered oatmeal into the bath and swish around until milky.  Soak for at least 20 minutes and when you get out, try air drying or patting dry with something very soft.  A towel may be too rough and can cause pain. If necessary do this twice a day.
Cold Compress
If you can’t spend the day in the bathtub, you can also try soaking your shirt in cool water. Simply soak your shirt, ring it out and slip it on. The cool air from a fan makes this even more soothing! Make sure you drink lots of water because sun burns can actually dehydrate you and cause your skin to dry, furthering your pain.  Also as much as you want to pop any blisters, don’t! Blisters have healing properties that are actually helping the skin under the bump. Opening them is very painful and can cause infections and more irritation.
Because your skin loses so much moisture upon getting a sun burn, you’ll notice your skin is very dry.  Combine cold compresses and bath soaks and you may at this point, be looking like a prune. Aloe Vera is a great way to add some soothing action while moisturizing. If you don’t have any, try finding a moisturizer without alcohol.  For obvious reasons, alcohol can irritate the burn worsen the pain. As badly as your skin hurts, try to moisturize each time after bathing and when your skin starts feeling tight. That’s a sign your skin has soaked up the lotion and needs more.
Whether you look like a lobster, are as scary as a red monster or look like a sun soaked prune, there is relief.  If you can’t find relief in these natural remedies you can find items at the store designed to reduce inflammation and pain. If your sunburn is exceptionally bad consider making an appointment with your doctor.
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It’s important to keep your skin protected, wear clothing designed to block the sun, applying sunscreen at least every two hours and use items like a hat or sun shade to make sure this doesn’t happen to you again! There are great items on the market that can help you achieve sun protection now all you have to do is use them!  Don’t Fry-Day
What was your worst sunburn, how did you get relief?

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