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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Certain Dog Breeds Do Need Sun Protection – Does Your Pooch Make The List?

Cooling Off
Cooling Off
We love our pets; we buy special foods, lots of healthy treats and of course shower them with fun toys. I take my pups everywhere I go and though I am always prepared for anything it’s easy to forget that one of my dogs is actually prone to sunburn. I’ve had to incorporate an organization system to make sure each of my dogs have what they need while we are out hitting the trails! I’ve come up with two bags that I keep next to the door, one for Mikey and one for Foxy. Mikey has his sunscreen, bottled water and certain soft treats and Foxy has her kong ball, bottled water and of course some great raw hides! This system has helped me out more then I can tell you!
I never knew that Mikey was prone to sunburn until last year; once I found out I got prepared quick! I can see how people may not actually know if their breed is prone to sunburn or not because I was once there. The best way to know is to take your dog out,bring something for shade of course but evaluate them upon returning to see if they do in fact have effects of sun overexposure. If they do there are great doggie sunscreens out there and you can even use human sunscreen as long as you rub it in and keep them from licking it off. Below I’m going to list some dog breeds that may be prone to sun burn. This should help owners be more prepared when taking their beloved pets out for a day of play!
• Boxers
• Chinese Crested
• American Staffordshire Terriers
• Greyhounds
• Dalmatians
• Greyhounds
• Whippets
• Weimaraners
• White German Sheppards
Though my dog is not actually on this list he still get’s sun burns if he is out too long. It’s a good idea to just check your pup out after a romp around the lake or a small trail run. Check their belly as well, this area is especially prone to sunburn because the sun reflects off the ground and hits the underbelly of your pet. If you find they do have a sunburn placing a cold compress over the area should help relieve any pain. If it’s raised or blistering taking your pet to the vet would be a good idea. Our pets depend on us completely so keeping them safe from sun burn is just another way we show how much we care about them!
Do you have a dog that is not on the breed list that has experienced sun burns?
We would love to hear your personal stories! Tell us about it!
Sarah Shade

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