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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Don’t Leave Home Without This Summer Must Have!

Widebrim double layer 50upf sun hat SunnySleevez with hand protection WM
When we look at hat styles for Women and Girls for sun protection there are many typesStraw Hats, usually floppy and over sized may seem like a practical choice, there is extensive coverage around the entire face and neck but looking closely at the straw hat you’ll find that the amount of sun that seeps through is actually a lot more then you may think. Because straw hats are woven and the material being used is wider and less pliable than other materials there may be larger gaps making it easy for sun to shine through the hat.  While these are comfortable and do provide shade they are not adequate in shading you from the sun especially if you’ll be outside for an extended period of time. Women and girls alike should try to steer clear of these hats if a day at the beach or a hike in the mountains is in store. Looking at another common hat, the Bucket hat typically worn by small children are typically woven with denim, cotton or windbreaker materials.  In theory they seem like a great way to have a breathable yet functional shade from the sun but because of a smaller brim UV rays are more susceptible to hit upon the neck and the face especially from the cheeks down. Though these come in fashionable and cute themes they aren’t recommended as the brims just aren’t sufficient to block the sun rays.  Below are two of the best style hats that I have found for sun protection.
Large Brim Hats - These hats are a perfect solution for women and girls, because they are typically made up of SPF 30+ materials like canvass or extra thick cotton.  They can have an all over brim length of up to 5 ½ inches and the best part about large brim hats is that they can typically be maneuvered and shaped to your specific needs.
Large Brim Caps – These caps are similar to large brim hates but do not have a brim on the back side, typically the front flap is long enough to shield the entire face of sun exposure and will typically come with detachable flaps for extra protection on the neck and ears.  These are best used for activities like hiking or running since they are more snug and adjustable.
When it comes to finding that perfect hat for either a small girl or women it really comes down to how much shade the hat puts out and the type of materials is used.  There are now more conscious designers using UPF materials to add an additional aspect of protection.  When looking at hats for girls try to pay close attention to back of the neck, ear and cheek coverage.  Since children grow up so quickly and are usually very active it’s nice to have a hat with adjustable chin straps to ensure a snug fit.  For women try to find a few types of hats that you can mix and match for each occasion, large brim hats are stylish and offer great protection from the sun but there may be occasions where the large brim cap is more appropriate, say for a run or hiking a trial.
Are there other hats for women or girls that provide sufficient sun shade that we missed? Tell us about it!

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