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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3 More States Say “Ban The Tan!”

In the summer of 2013 Illinois, Nevada and Texas voted in legislation to restrict access to indoor tanning salons for minors which take effect this year.
According to statistics from the skin cancer foundation in cases of melanoma diagnosed in those aged 18 to 29, a whopping 76% were found to be attributable to tanning bed use
The American Academy of dermatology believes that 28 million Americans use indoor tanning salons each year over 2 million those users being teenagers.
There are now 6 states with laws banning indoor tanning for minors and an additional 29 other states considering legislation regarding restricting or prohibiting sun bed use by minors.
In addition, the FDA has proposed raising tanning beds to a class II level which would mean stricter regulations on sun bed use and better information would be made available by tanning salon owners warning the public of the increased health risks associated with tanning bed use.

Do you think sun beds should be regulated or should it be up to parents to decide?