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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quick and healthy snacks that Olympians love to eat

Do you want to run, ski, swim or even bobsled like a professional athlete? Of course, you have to endure a lot of training first, but this is just part of an athlete’s life. The fuel they put into their bodies has a huge effect on the results they get from training. Eating the right combination of foods help them to stay healthy and competitive. Here are some nutrient-packed, on-the-go snacks that Olympians eat while training.
Kara Goucher
Portland Oregon’s marathon runner Kara Goucher has competed in the London Olympics in 2012. She’s also considered as one of the fastest women to ever debut in a world half-marathon event. Her on-the-go food is the fiber-rich, energy-giving quinoa, which is high in protein and carbs.
Dotsie Bausch
This native of Irvine, CA is a seven-time national cycling champion, who had also competed in the 2012 Olympics. Before and after work outs, Dotsie loves to drink pumped-up smoothies made of bananas, oranges, pumpkin seeds and agave nectar. This is rich in Iron and Vitamin C, which are very important components of a cyclist’s diet.
50+UPF Sunny Sleevez
Mariel Zagunis
Mariel is a native of Beaverton, Oregon and is a two-time Olympic gold medallist, who competed in the fencing events. Mariel’s fuel snack is the nutritiously, creamy zucchini soup rich in protein and carbs.

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