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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why Is The Nordic Combined is one of the toughest games played in the Winter Olympics?

sunnysleevez.comAfter four years, the much-awaited Winter Olympics is finally back. Olympians have dedicated time and effort mastering their craft and making sure that they are 100% ready for the Games. There are a lot of events played at the Winter Olympics and one of them is the Nordic Combined.  Let us take a look at how the game is played and why is it considered as one of the toughest events in the Games.
About the Nordic Combined
This event is a combination of two distinct events, the ski jump and the 10km cross-country relay. This feat alone makes athletes of Nordic Combined one of the well-versed skiers in their category. Why? Because the event starts with athletes speeding off a large hill, where they will do the 140-meters high ski jump (imagine flying across a football field plus another 50 yards). Without proper speed, balance and gumption, as well as right take off and landing position, the ski jump will not be successful. Following the jump, the athletes will then do a 10-kilometer race to test their speed and endurance. Overall, the Nordic Combined is an event that tests the Olympians’ versatility, patience and skills.
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