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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Brilliant Solution Using The Sun – Earth Day

We LOVE the sun!
Now this might sound a little odd to those of you who are familiar with my efforts to avoid further sun damage to my pale family.
However as part of a remodel we are taking full advantage of that giant mass of ultraviolet emitting gas.
There are several spots in our building that have been built without windows which means lights frequently being turned on and then just as frequently forgotten and left on which drives me bonkers, the above hallway is a particularly gloomy spot. 
Because we had solar panels installed last summer we also had to upgrade the roof to support the panels, it seemed the perfect time to install some skylights. As most of our roof has an attic space a conventional skylight is not possible plus skylights bring not only light but heat.
Instead we opted for skylight tubes that have a small hole in fact a 10” tube will light 150 square feet and a 14” lights up 350!
I was a bit nervous when the first holes were cut and despite the bright midday sun we only got a circle of light.
However once the tube was in place it radiated so much light that we actually keep trying to ‘switch off the light” out of habit!
The before and after photo shows a windowless hallway taken without flash. In the before picture we had to turn the light on in order that there was enough light to get the shot. The second picture shows the 10” tube installed, there is no flash and no light on, and it’s quite a difference!
How are you reducing your carbon footprint this earth day? 
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