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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Simple Trick to Save Water, Save $ and Save the Planet

California faces its most severe drought emergency in decades; we are now in our 3rd consecutive year of below-normal rainfall. Governor Jerry Brown has called for Californians to reduce water use by 20 percent voluntarily, and mandatory rationing could be ordered soon so that homes, businesses and farms don’t run dry over the summer. No matter where you live it just makes sense not waste this precious resource. Here are 2 super simple steps you can take to drastically reduce water waste in the kitchen.
We have a double sink in the kitchen, 1 was used for washing the other ended up being a dumping location and quickly filled with dishes waiting to go in the dishwasher, which drove me BONKERS!
Wishing to reduce our water waste and save my sanity I bought a nice new bucket and put that in one sink, into this we collect the water from vegetable peelings, hand washing and rinsing out the coffee filter. This bucket is used to water plants in the flower beds. This water is fairly clean but I don’t recommend using it in potted plants as the small amounts of soap, coffee etc may not agree with the plant or cause an imbalance in the ph. However Roses LOVE the coffee grounds.
Our family of 4 collects between 1-4 buckets per day SAVING 90 gallons per month!
 sun sleeves kids
I also have an open top watering jug by the sink which is where clean water gets dumped. This where the half drunk glasses of water, end of the kettle water, water used to boil an egg etc goes. This is perfect for the potted plants.
Water collected 1-2 liters per day savings 10-15 gallons per month! 
How do you save water?

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