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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Green Week – It’s In The Bag

 Sun Sleeves

Los Angeles brought in the free plastic bag ban this year which is excellent news. We have been using our own reusable bags for quite a while now.
Reusable bags can be bulky to keep with you ‘just in case’ and we still have heaps of bags lying around.
Two bag organizing solutions I came up with are:BAG BAN LA
Reuse old oatmeal tubs and large coffee containers that have a plastic lid.
Clean them out, cut a large X in the top and stuff in your bags.
Want to keep a couple of plastic bags hand in the glove box or hand bag? I reuse small soap boxes, they usually hold 2-3 which is enough for small unexpected purchases.ST GEORGE DISCOUNT SUN SLEEVES
NOTE – If you’re feeling crafty you can make them cute with spray paint, contact paper, glitter they make a great project for the kids and a useful gift for mom!
Do you bring your own bags? Do you have a great storage solution?

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