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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Green Week – Three Things You Can Do To Make A Difference

Looking to make an impact this Green Week, but aren’t sure what you can do? Below are three great tips on how you can make a difference by changing simple, everyday things. It’s easy and these tips will teach you how to make a difference not just on Green Week, but all year long no matter where you are! 
In The Office
Working in an office you may see a lot of paper waste.This is a great opportunity to build team moral by going to your manager and asking to implement a recycling program. When others get involved it truly can make a difference. If you drive to work, cut down on emissions by carpooling. Send an email offering others to carpool with you. You may discover some great company while doing your part to keep our air clean.
At Home
When it comes to your home it’s easy to save energy. One way to cut down on costly utility bills and save energy is to change all your light bulbs to Energy Star bulbs. Each Energy Star bulb uses 75% less energy compared to regular bulbs and lasts up to six times longer saving you around $6 per year in energy costs. Though that figure may seem low when you think about changing all of your bulbs, it can really add up. Energy efficient appliances are also a great way to cut down on emissions. When you replace major appliances with these functional, yet money saving items you can be sure that you’re doing your part even when doing laundry or baking cookies! More helpful tips on how to make your home run as an efficient, energy saving and eco-friendly machine can be found here:
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Running Errands
We are all busy, but there is still time to squeeze a bit of Green Week friendliness into your everyday errands. Turn your car off if you run into a store or waiting to pick up your kid instead of letting it idle. This will cut down on harmful emissions. If you see litter on the ground pick it up and put it in the trash. Little things can make a big difference and you can be part of the bigger picture, too!
Green Week is a great excuse to get outside and have some fun in the sun, but you can also do small things each day to make a difference.

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