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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Think Before You Shred

Now that Tax Day is behind us, what better time than the present for a little spring file cleaning both at work and at home. We want to remind you to recycle the folders and documents that you no longer need and to shred only information-sensitive documents. 
Why? Shredding (or manually tearing) paper lowers its quality for recycling. Think before you shred, because it  could mean the difference between that piece of paper being recycled into a well-read book instead of a disposable napkin!
Talking of paper waste I bought 2 cream eggs at Rite Aid this week and received an absurd receipt that was 28 inches long!
I tried pointing out the outrageous waste to the sales person who just shrugged and suggested I throw it in the trash totally missing the point…*sigh*


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