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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wondering How To Choose The Best Size Sunny Sleevez? Check This Helpful Video Guide To Measuring Correctly

Watch this short video to learn how to measure your arm for the best fitting sun sleeves, how to put on Sunny Sleevez and how to use the adjustable band for the best sun protection.SIZING VIDEO SUNNY SLEEVEZ IMAGE

Sun Protection Video
The sun that gives us life… can also be a SNEAKY killer. While we are having fun in the sun,
it is also silently causing damage through UV rays. Protect yourself with Sunny Sleevez—our stylish answer to sticky sun block and nasty sunburns.
Our  sun protection arm covers block 98% of all UV rays.
Easy to slip on, this super lightweight, breathable,  eco-friendly 50+UPF fabric will protect your arms from the sun instantly!SUNNYSLEEVEZ LABOR DAY 25% OFF
Featuring an adjustable upper arm band, all Sleevez are available either with top-of-hand-cover (Classic, NOT shown in the video) or without hand cover (Skate, as shown in the video).
Sizes for babies, kids and adults.
Wear them while exercising, golfing, gardening, or even driving.
Pack them in your kids lunch box for sunny afternoons
The sun sleeves shown are Skate style (no hand cover) – Tribal design, many other colors and designs available.
With Sunny Sleevez, you never have to be afraid of the sun again!

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