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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Recycle, Reuse, DIY No Waste Birdfeeder

I HATE wasting food so I was none too pleased when I dropped an entire brand new baDIY EASY BIRDFEEDERg of peanuts on the not-clean-enough-to-eat-off kitchen floor.
I can’t throw the nuts on the ground or the distracted festing birds will just become kitty snacks! After a bit of pondering I came up with a solution that I thought I’d share.
You need
1) toilet roll tube
2) peanut butter
3) wire from the outside of a lettuce
4) spilled nuts
Slather toilet roll with peanut butter, press in peanuts, hang somewhere out of the reach of peckish moggies!
Have you made you own feeder? Have you created a clever way to use up food that would otherwise go to waste?